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The People Success Path ProgramTM

7 Steps Delivered Across 3 Pathways

Pathway 1:
People Operations Plan

Pathway 2:
Legal and Compliance

Pathway 3:
High Impact Manager

100 page + Manual
Community of Support
Simple and Effective Techniques you can apply instantly
Success Vault
Scientifically validated Personal Profiles
HR, Change Management, Industrial Relations, Coaching, EQ, Mediation

Who is the People Success Path for?

For business owners, office managers, administrators, team leaders and practice managers, this is an important addition to your management practices, and is designed to help you embed the essential HR and coaching skills needed for a cohesive and change resilient workplace.

business owners

Business Owners who don’t have an HR resource, who want to ensure HR compliance, and who want to know how to optimise their people for best performance.

office managers

Office Managers who need to step up to become more confident in their HR responsibilities, wanting to become equipped for any office dynamic.


Administrators who have HR responsibilities, who want to know more to support their staff, but don’t have time for a formal qualification.

team leaders

Team Leaders and Practice Managers who want to ensure HR compliance, and create a more cohesive and drama free workplace for their team.

Discover how to become highly effective in the management of people…

Program Overview

Align for Success

• Learn the most effective way to connect well with colleagues
• Learn how to adapt roles for the ever-changing business landscape
• Discover the EQ skills to increase effectiveness and wellbeing

Explore Attraction Strategies

• Explore all the steps you need to attract the right people
• Learn how to develop and communicate an EVP as your point of difference
• Understand how to bring a practice of EQ into your team

Keys to Retention

• Unpack the steps to take to retain your top talent
• Use EQ to give and receive feedback well
• Develop your People Operations Plan

HR Compliance for Your World

• Understand how to avoid unnecessary legal mishaps
• Explore all the ‘C’s’ of change management best practice
• Review the powerful P.A.C.E. model to minimise risk and maximise workplace resilience and results

Catapult your Career with Coaching Methodologies

• Learn how to spot and successfully manage time wasting drama
• Coaching dos and don’ts
• Coaching tools, models and techniques

Activate your Personal and Team Success

• Learn about the 4 factor success model to reset your mindset whenever needed
• Discover techniques that have been tested in over 10,000 hours of coaching, that get results
• Learn the proven 5 step model to transform your conversations, and have others doing some of the heavy [problem solving] lifting

Bring it altogether

• Speed up results with the scientifically proven goal setting and action taking models
• Deep dive into your personal values alignment
• Practice all you’ve learnt so you can start getting results quicker

Fast Track your HR & People Management Skills

Do you need to upskill, but you’re short on time and want to avoid a drawn out qualification process?

Are you worried about making unintentional legal slip-ups?

Want to master coaching techniques, become a high impact manager, and catapult your career?

Interested in the People Success Path but want to know more before booking in for the Program?

People Operations Plan

You get the Plan needed to navigate both employer obligations and people care needs to minimise risk and maximise results.

Change Management

You learn how to safeguard you and your business with the constructive change management model.

Crack the Communication Code

The critical emotional intelligence approach to support yourself and others to have the conversations that need to happen.

Legal Landmines you need to Avoid

HR law micro learning, including a snapshot of recent case-law and how to avoid being a headline, and how to approach performance issues with confidence.

About your Presenters

Meet Karen Muggleton…

Karen Muggleton is the owner of People Alignment, an innovative HR and Coaching business.   An internationally credentialed Coach, Karen blends Emotional Intelligence training and Neuroleadership methodologies to ensure the best people management outcomes possible.

She provides expertise across the entire employee life cycle of seeking staff, starting staff, and developing, managing and leading staff well through change.

Committed to helping individuals and teams to become more empowered, productive and purposeful, Karen designs tailored team development, 1:1 and broader micro-learning programs to meet these needs. Formal qualifications and experience from corporate, volunteer and small to medium business settings ensures well informed, best practice approaches.

Meet Sarah Rafferty…

Sarah is the owner of UPP HR, a Brisbane based HR Consultancy.

After 10 years in big-name HR consultancies, and helping hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses in times of crisis, transformation and growth she has gained a wealth of HR and people management experience.

She loves the fast-paced environment and specialises in helping businesses stay ahead of changing workplace complexities.

What she finds consistently is that many business owners overlook unlocking their people potential when it actually holds the key to their long-term business success.

Businesses we’ve helped


Director (Queensland Government)

For the past 25 years I have invested heavily in my professional education and development but what I was missing was the insights and soft skills to enable me to confidently present my recommendations to senior management. At times this has been frustrating as I could see the path forward but was unable to convince my departmental leaders that my recommendations could achieve results. The coaching sessions provided the insights into my personality and the emotional intelligence uplift that I needed to help me become a more skilled negotiator and presenter. In particular by working through real-life challenges with my coach I was able to quickly achieve new results both within my team and also with the business units that I work with.

National Sales Manager

Overall, a fantastic program. I gained a lot out of it, and hope to apply as much as possible to my team. Thank you for being such powerful role models and inspirations for creating a better workplace. And for giving us the tools to become better Managers/people for the future

Team Leader

Karen’s coaching has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had. It has not only benefitted myself, but also my team, peers, managers and family. I have a greater understanding of myself now because of it. I have learnt when I function best and how important it is to look after myself. This has allowed me to have more energy to do great things, more clarity to make sound decisions and more confidence to inspire and lead my team. One of the greatest successes I’ve seen within my department is the positive impact Karen’s coaching has had on improving the relationships within my team.

Operations Manager (NSW)

I have learnt so much in the past 6 months that is extremely beneficial.  The lessons are invaluable and starting to have an impact on what I do, even if it is just stopping my train of thought to consider.  I can’t thank you enough.

Digital Marketer (Queensland Government)

Karen’s coaching has taken me from self-doubt to self-confidence, enabling me to move forward with an empowered mindset. She gave me the tools to build positive habits every day and helped me realise is okay to be kind to myself. Thank you, Karen. Your guidance, positivity and wisdom have helped me get my groove back.